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Numbered list item

This page is generated from a page in Notion database, and is intended to demonstrate the capability of the Numbered list item block.

You can view this page in Notion to see that it corresponds well to what is displayed.

You can pick a stylesheet below to change how it renders.


Numbered lists are useful for listing the order things should happen in:

  1. Get dressed.
  1. Eat breakfast.
  1. Leave the house.
  1. This list item has number 7 in Notion, but will start at number 1 when rendered.
    1. This is an indented list item.
    1. This is another indented list item, but this one has children.
      1. This is the child.
      1. This is the second child


Because of how Notion treats blocks, each bullet point is contained in its own ol tag. There is currently no work-around for this.


Each bullet point (not each list) is contained in its own ol tag. You can therefore target ol or ol li to change the style.